Kane County Board Chairman   2012 – present

 I am deeply grateful for the privilege of leading 1300 Kane County employees, 24 Board Members, countywide elected officials and department directors in providing high quality county services to the 523,000 Kane County constituents. 

 Chris Kept His Word to Taxpayers

 ·       Frozen County portion of Property Tax Levy Since 2011 – Saving Taxpayers $16.4 Million

 ·       Cut County Debt in Half

 ·       Balanced budget every year

 ·       Excess Revenue Over Expenditures in the General Fund Every Year

 ·       Secured AA+ bond Rating reaffirmed by Standard & Poor’s

 ·       Upgrade S & P Financial Management Practice Rating From “Good” to “Strong”

 Management Best Practices

 ·       Earned the Illinois Policy Institute 100% Transparency Award

 ·       Worked with Treasurer to Raise Investment Interest Income

 ·       Obtained County’s Fair Share of Federal and State Funding

 ·       No County Administrator or Lobbyist – Saving Thousands for Taxpayers

 Awards and Recognitions

 ·       2013 Kane County Health Department Accredited . . . First County in Illinois, resulting in hundred of thousands in grant revenue - 2013

 ·       Urban League Institute Vision Award Finalist for “Kane County Planning Cooperative” – 2014

 ·       National NACCHO (Public Health) Model Practice Awards - 2015

 ·       Planning Best Practices National Award of Excellence (NACP) – 2016


Illinois State Senate 1993 - 2012

 Education . . . more than doubled state funding for public education in Senate District over the past 19 years.  Helped secure $48,000,000 for school construction grants.  Sponsored into law education license plates for future teachers’ scholarships.

Tax Relief . . . sponsored and passed into state law the largest employment tax decrease in the past 19 years, which kept over $250 million of excess unemployment insurance premiums in the Illinois economy.  (Received 1996 and 1998 Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Business)

Cut Pay for Politicians... lead sponsor of the "5% pay cut for politicians" legislation passed into law.

Women’s Health Issues . . . first successful legislation in the Senate was to establish the Breast Cancer Research voluntary check-off on the state personal income tax return.  Since its inception, more than $6,500,000 has been gathered from voluntary contributions for research in Illinois.

Crime . . . worked with Attorney General to pass into law requirement that prisoners pay for time spent in jail.

Truth-in-Budgeting . . . successfully rewrote the state law that requires Illinois government to tell the truth (using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) about how tax money is being collected and spent.

Respect for Veterans . . . reduced property taxes on VFW and American Legion veterans’ posts by 85% and placed cap on future increases.  In response to 9/11/2001, organized fundraiser events to help area wounded soldiers.

Seniors and Property Taxes . . . lead co-sponsor on original property tax assessment freeze for homeowners over 65 years old with income of less than $35,000.  Co-sponsored increase in income ceiling to $60,000.

Property Tax Freeze . . . Lead Sponsor of SJR13 to provide permanent property tax relief for residential property owners by  putting a “freeze” on property tax assessments based on a home’s original purchase price.

Keep Commitments . . . lead co-sponsor of 50-year solution to $20 billion unfunded liability problem in five state pension plans, the largest being for teachers.  Law closed gap between politicians’ promises to future pensions and amounts of money deposited.  National expert on pension solutions- presentations to National Conference of State Legislators, American Legislative Exchange Conference, and U. S. Chamber of Commerce (CSPAN).

Stop Rocks Through Windshields . . . worked with local citizen to require gravel and other large trucks to properly secure loads.  Gives police the authority to stop and “prevent” damage, rather than only punishing after-the-fact.

Illegal Immigrants . . . Only Senator to speak against and vote “No” on providing a 2/3rds tuition discounts to illegal immigrants at public universities.

Ban on Partial Birth Abortion . . . lead sponsor and passed into law prohibition of this horrible procedure. Initially struck down by a Cook County judge, law was upheld by Federal Appellate Court after being appealed by Illinois’ Attorney General, but was struck down by U.S. Supreme Court. (Named “Outstanding Legislator” by Family PAC).  

Protect Children . . . lead sponsor of and passed out of Senate law that would require all Illinois public schools to use devices that filter out pornographic material coming through the Internet into our taxpayer-paid public school computers.

Cut Wasteful Spending . . .  started "Illinois Porkbusters" which seeks to cut $5,000,000 in waste each year from the state budget (100 times annual salary of a State Senator).  Launched a Prescription Medication Pilot Program that saved participants 50% on cost of drugs. 

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